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Digital marketing strategies that you should know

It is no secret to anyone that the world of marketing and advertising have changed. The way of seeing things is different and this is, in large part, thanks to digital marketing; a tool that has become indispensable for any company, large or small.

lider de equipo creando plan de ventas

As a result of this, digital marketing strategies have been created. The strategies help to have a specific plan to follow in any case.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is a set of actions that allow a company to focus its resources efficiently to achieve business objectives . These objectives can be sales, generate a community, reach more people, etc.

Regardless of the objectives, they must be defined in advance, depending on the type of company it is and its mission in the medium/long term. In this way, it's defined what type of strategy will be applied.

Marketing Strategy Examples - Types of Strategy

There are multiple digital marketing strategies, including strategies that can be modified according to the objective of each company. However, some of these are very well-structured, and their effectiveness has been proven, so they are usually the most popular and common. These will be the ones that we will talk about next.

Content marketing

This is one of the most used strategies in marketing. Content marketing is all about creating valuable content for your target audience.

When we speak of "valuable content" we mean information that helps the public to know about a problem and its solutions or a specific issue. This is also known as "editorial content."

This information must be related to your company and its purpose is to help the user to resolve their doubts before making a purchase.

The best thing about this strategy is that it allows you to be discovered by users who did not know your company, thanks to information not related to sales.

Different factors enter into this strategy:

  • SEO planning.

  • Creation of a blog section on the website.

  • Infographics, explanatory videos, etc.

  • Creation of a community on different channels (YouTube, Reddit and other social networks).

Inbound marketing

apreton de manos y cierre de venta

Inbound marketing is a methodology that is based on the sales funnel. This strategy integrates non-intrusive digital marketing and advertising techniques, with the objective of communicating with the user and accompanying him throughout his purchase process.

In marketing, the purchase process can be represented with a funnel, as follows:

  • Attraction : this is the first level of the funnel, where we attract the user to our company or brand; through content marketing, social media, ambassadors, etc.

  • Consideration : here, the user is convinced that your company is the solution to one of their problems.

  • Decision : this is the phase where the user expresses his desire to be a customer and becomes a Lead, that is, a possible sale.

  • Closing : when the user acquires the product or service and becomes a customer. For many, this is the last step of the funnel, but there is another that has been shown to generate more profits.

  • Loyalty : at this stage, our company has the task of turning that customer into a regular customer or an ambassador (someone who promotes our brand because they have been very satisfied). This is achieved in different ways, either with discounts to people who have already bought, newsletters, promotions, etc. The idea is that the customer is not abandoned after the purchase.

The purpose of inbound marketing is to identify in which stage of the funnel the customer is and accompany him to reach the end , becoming a successful sale; through a personalized treatment.

E-mail marketing

This is one of the strategies that has been very popular in recent years. Email marketing is a strategy that uses email to establish relationships with the user or customer.

To start applying this strategy, you must first have a database, with the email addresses where to send the information. This information can be promotions, informative content, technical support, discounts or news for your community.

Through this strategy, you not only get customers, but you also reach more people directly and it is a key factor in the loyalty phase of the sales funnel.

Currently, there are various platforms and tools that allow you to do email marketing in an automated way. This strategy must be rigorously applied, with clear planning, execution and constant measurement.

Search engine and social media ads (ads)

Ads are proven to be one of the most effective strategies for reaching more people. Ads can be applied on different platforms, but the most common are search engines (Google, Bing or Yahoo) and Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

Currently, these platforms have an Ads system so specific that it is very easy to configure an advertising campaign to reach your target audience. Keep in mind that, in order not to lose money in the campaign or reach people who are not interested, they must be very well optimized and configured.

Dos personas usando redes sociales

The best thing about advertising campaigns through Ads is that they can be used for many purposes; such as sales, attracting more traffic to the website, promoting a new product or service, attracting potential customers or even an event.


Remarketing is a relatively new strategy, however, it has proven its effectiveness in certain cases. It consists of segmenting the audiences of your company to apply different strategies to each one.

For example, a brand can segment your audience:

  • Users who do not know the brand.

  • Users who know the brand, but are not customers.

  • One-time customers.

  • Loyal and occasional customers.

The purpose of remarketing is to apply a different strategy for each type of audience and ensure that they reach the end of the sales funnel.


Of course, there are many other strategies that suit different business models. The idea is to know each one and choose the one that best suits your company and your objectives.

Having a marketing strategy is essential, especially not to lose money from the advertising investment. To learn these and more marketing strategies, as well as many more concepts, be sure to take the free courses that LarnU offers you. Register on our platform for computers or download the App and start learning to generate profits.

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