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Employee engagement: the key to success

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Did you know that the most successful companies in the world have employees who are happy with their job and are not intimidated?

It has long been demonstrated that an employee is more productive and efficient when he or she feels comfortable in his or her work environment than when she or he feels threatened or intimidated. That is what employee engagement is all about.

Whether you have a large company, a start-up or a small team, employee engagement is the key to success.

What is employee engagement?

Employee commitment is a set of factors that comes from them, but is achieved with aspects that the company provides. In other words, they are all the elements or things that make us feel passionate about what we do and that, consequently, makes us love our job.

This engagement is much more than arriving early or wanting to do the day's work, it is about carrying out the position with passion doing the best effort.

Of course, employee engagement depends, in part, on themselves; that they know how to identify their ambitions and objectives. However, an employee who has these qualities will be wasted if he is not in a work environment that fosters his enthusiasm.

Benefits of having engaged employees

As we said, employee engagement is the key to success. Why? Because an engaged employee is an employee who will perform their tasks in the most efficient way possible, and isn't this what we are all looking for?

In addition to having efficient employees, commitment also brings with it other benefits for your company, such as:

Increase your results

An efficient employee, committed to his position and the company (and, of course, well paid), is part of the equation so that the target results are met effectively and in the required time.

Now let's take this formula and multiply by 10 or 20 or how many employees do you have, what would you achieve? How much would your sales or leads or subscribers increase?

Many bosses, managers, CEOs or supervisors have the old belief that employee comfort is not reflected in profit; but that idea is wrong

Engaged employees are part of the formula to increase the results you seek.

Loyalty and trust increase

Employee commitment not only applies to see results in the company, but also provides collaborators who feel part of a team and defend it. This is loyalty.

On the other hand, trust is key in the boss-employee relationship. Nothing worse than feeling that your opinion is not heard or that you can lose your job if you express it; this is also part of an employee feeling welcome and, consequently, engaged.

Loyalty and trust are essential to achieve the next point.

Decrease staff turnover

When you have loyalty and trust, in addition to comfort and good remuneration, you will go from having employees attentive to new job offers, to having employees who stay in a place where they feel valued.

While it is always good to receive new talent, staff turnover only indicates that there's something wrong with the work environment and, therefore, with the company. To make your employees feel loyal to the company and comfortable, focus on getting engaged employees.