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About us

Hi! Thanks for your interest in LarnU :)

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I'm Jorge Alonso (the one with less hair), Co-founder and CEO of LarnU. My Co-founders, Jose, Benito, and I started LarnU to empower businesses like yours with effective employees engagement tools and e-learning that your organization needs to achieve a better future and sustainable growth.


We understand businesses because it's part of our DNA: I grew up helping and visiting my dad's shoes company every weekend.

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We get you because we know how hard is to effectively motivate people, and we know what's at stake. We understand that getting companies employees motivated and focus is hard work because we've been through it ourselves. Jose, Benito and I founded the company after we all gave up to amazing jobs during the covid-19 crisis. People were saying we are crazy that you will gave up on your dream job?! But well at the end we were not motivated enough to stay in it...

We grew slowly at first, but we evolved our business over time from a mobile App to an all-in-one employee omni channel solution by listening hard to our customers and innovating quickly to meet their needs. And, we are staying true to ourselves along this way.


While our product and business continue to grow, one thing stays the same: our mission to empower people effectively. Our all-in-one employee engagement platform is built to any kind of business, even if you are a startup or multinational company.

We hope you enjoy exploring our employees engagement platform and inspirational and practical content. Wherever you are in your business, we're glad you chose LarnU.

I'd love to know if there are additional features, resources, or insights that would help your company employees. Feel free to let me know about your experience and stay in touch on Instagram, Linkedin and email

Have a great day!!

                       Kind regards,


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If you have any questions about our founders, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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