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E-Learning Platform: anywhere and anytime 

Offer online training to your team, overcome learning barriers and learn anytime and anywhere with LarnU.

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Onboarding and Training solution

Provide an efficient onboarding to your business, keep your employees motivated and help your collaborators to adapt. Onboarding with LarnU is fun, effective and friendly. 

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Create engagement between you and your collaborators

Communication between employer and employee has changed. LarnU gives you and your employees a friendly platform to connect. 

How to use LarnU in 4 steps

3. Communicate and share with your team members 

Update your team on multiple devices and maintain communication with all team members.

  • Remote work becomes easier and more comfortable. 

  • Get instant feedback through surveys.

  • Engage, communication and collaboration with your teammates.

4. Keep up to date with your team and their results

LarnU's interface makes it easy to keep track of each user. Get information on performance in e-learning, onboarding, training, communication and much more.

  • Manage your employees' results in trivia.

  • Identify the employee's strong and weak points.

  • Evaluate how your employees use LarnU to interact with each other.


2. Offer e-learning, onboarding and professional training in one place

Create your own customized training, e-learning and onboarding flows to equip your employees with the skills of the future. 

  • Allows your employees to be aligned with the company's objectives.

  • Create a discussion space for them to inspire, share and be productive.

  • Provide an easy and effective training process for new members.

1. Use LarnU from the App or the Web version and enter your company's account code

Users will be able to take lessons and learn from anywhere, in an efficient and fun way.

  • Access more than 1,000 trivia on today's most relevant topics: digital marketing, programming, personal development and technology. 

  • Employees can play from a smartphone (Android, Apple or Huawei) or a computer.

  • With LarnU, learning is fun and effective. 

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      Their platform is user-friendly and ensures that I don't lose track of my colleagues' engagement. Their prices are affordable and the results are the best.

Camila Cornejo

HR Director, Wallapop

       LarnU has been invaluable in helping us keep our colleagues engaged due to the Covid-19 crisis. The most useful function for us is the onboarding flow.

Marcos Phillips

Managing Director, Vellex


       LarnU combines features and design that enable our HR team to speed up our business. It's not just our LMS, it's part of our entire employee engagement process

Daniela Santa Maria

CEO, JardinBebé

Mujer sonriente en traje

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