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Boost your career in 10 minutes a day

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Javier Evipzay Perez Ortega
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Una aplicación que te hace ver todo tan sencillo, cómo lo que es en realidad vivir. Si todos comenzamos con algo pequeño, podremos manejar nuestras vidas a nuestro antojo. Recomendable
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Improve your well-being on the go

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Better well-being

Courses with bite-sized lessons and projects boosted with gamification

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Boost productivity

Set daily goals and maintain a streak to make a long-lasting habit

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Multiple methodologies

A whole world of learning options to improve day by day

How it works

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Real-world projects

LarnU is a mobile app that makes well-being & productivity self-improvement fun and accessible to all by enabling a gamified and bite-sized learning experience of 5-minutes a day.


Within days, you'll be able to see improvements in your daily life.

Multiple methodologies to effectively improve your well-being

Because we know that we all learn differently, each one at his or her own pace and capacity, hence the concept of attending to diversity.

We offer training that cultivates soft skills for each person, which will positively impact your personal and professional growth.

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Your emotional partner to create healthy habits

Become the person you want to be.

Form a routine that gets you closer to your goals.


Recognize the good things in your life.


Learn to know yourself through hindsight.

Trusted by our global community of 100.000 learners

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Based on more than 2.300 reviews

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