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Earn a master’s-level like diploma to unlock your new career path


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Receive career guideline to help you find a job within 6 months or your money back

Gamification poured into every lesson

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Personalized learning

LarnU lessons adapt to your learning style. Exercises are tailored to help you learn and review vocabulary effectively.

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Receive immediate grading

We provide you immediate feedback right after a quiz, use it wisely to keep improving your results!

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Learn anytime, anywhere

LarnU is available in many devices, all in the palm of your hand.

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Stay motivated with rewards

Earn different points to exchange them for amazing prizes, the more you answer quizzes the more you get rewards!


I'm studying Ecommerce and I love the dynamic of the quizzes and how my experience increase! They partner  with global well-known companies that also participate by generating cool and valuable content, available for free.

Amalia White, App Store


I love how easy it is to use, and how amazing the community is. The lessons are designed very well and the app is extremely easy to use. Just pick a technology topic you want to learn and let the app guide you the whole way through.

Jorge Alonso, App Store


No matter the technology topic you are learning, it teaches you actual key concepts and how to use them, which I find remarkable.

Elisa Smith, Google Play

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